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Originally Posted by EricM View Post
Guys, I must inform you that delaying click samples will solve your
problem only for recording one instrument to the click. The next
one you will want to play with the previous one (or any audio that
is tied to the grid) will be problematic, as click and your playing
will now be 25 - 40 ms late! It might be recorded on time, but
you can't play properly to that.

I think I'll have to check the ReaScript and see if automatically delaying
MIDI after recording is possible.
Just as I suspected. First I was excited about coming up with this idea, but soon I understood that this latency will not be constant, and the fix probably unusable. Still testing on it tho'.

As for automatically delaying MIDI, the "Reserve PDC delayed monitoring" seems to do exactly this, but not enough. Another trouble with this is that it moves the whole media item, and not the notes itself.

EDIT: After more testing in Cubase LE4, I find the same behaviour there. Tried System Timestamp, but it doesnt seem to work. (System Timestamp was a must for me in Cubase SX3. Heavy jitter problems without it.

Can anybody tell me WHY this problem exists? No point in blaming Reaper, thats for sure, but the problem persist. Does anybody have a pointer where to look next?

Originally Posted by front page
Explode MIDI items by channel or pitch. Improved MIDI import and export, hardware MIDI timing calibration, full sysex support, and tons of other improvements.
Where can I find this hardware MIDI timing calibration? Sounds like just the tool for the job?

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