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Originally Posted by yep View Post
If it's really important to have them all in one assembly then you are probably going to pay a fortune for a custom snake (or build it yourself).

Coax and ethernet are completely different cable/conductor types than audio. Prefab snakes are typically built around a multi-conductor cable of a certain type and quality. For example, a 24x8 trs snake with 24 sends and 8 returns will typically be built using off-the-shelf 32-channel cable from Belden, Mogami, or whatever, and the junction boxes or connectors at either end will be customized to or order or just built in standard configurations.

But if you want a snake that has 32 channels of 3-conductor twisted-pair audio, PLUS exactly one channel of coax, PLUS an isolated/shielded data cable with 8 conductors of twisted-pair ethernet, then you're typically going to be paying someone to assemble all those and shrink-wrap them or something, because nobody makes that as a standard cable type. Because sane people just run 32-channel audio, plus a coax cable, plus an ethernet cable.

But if you have enough money, you can find someone to put all of those into a single jacket, if it's important enough to you.
I figured this would be the case, but before I looked for a different approach, I figured I'd just make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks for your detail - I appreciate it.
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