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Originally Posted by prom View Post
I might comment if I could listen but that website!?!?!?! always choking the stream. gets it my internet? (no I don't think so)
I will try again laterz
Hi Scotty .

I'm sorry you experiment those problem. I have to agree that Hearthis isn't the best place to listen to music. They have their good sides but on the stream side...., I've seen sometime trying to listen to my last upload on Hearthis with no success and switching on Souncloud,
seeing that it's working very well. Unfortunately, this one is full for its free part and I had to upgrade to continue uploading, and I didn't want to pay, so I switch to Hearthis.

I'm living in the countryside, and my internet connection is ...4G and not very stable. With the storm, tonight, no TV (satellite) and no internet for half an hour. I wasn't able to find your mail, or I should have send it to you. Try private if you like.

Have a nice evening, Bye
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