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Default Contextual TB and undocked Midi-Editor

Hi, me again with a question on contextual TB.

I thought Iīd give my midi-editor some TB-love.
So I made a grid-TB and wanted it to come up when I hit a key, while my mouse hovers over the ruler.

Worked only when when I first clicked on some other contextual TB in my MCP/TCP.
I have to say, my ME is floating and I like it that way.
The contestual Midi-TB worked when I switched my ME to be in docked mode.

So I assume it has got something to do with focussing, right?
But I donīt really get it. Donīt really know what the actual problem is.
To me it seems to be a bit inconsistent.

So I open my ME and expect the midi-TB to work right away, but nope.
Focus has to be on arrange-view, that is weird.
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