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Default Producing MIDI in REAPER! *Pre-Order*

Producing MIDI in Reaper! *PRE-ORDER and RAFFLE of Sample-Tank 2.5 XL!* *BUY NOW*

You may or may not know that we are about to launch our next product which will be "Producing MIDI in Reaper". The Release date will be March 1st which is the 1 yr anniversary of our first product "Real World Recording w/Reaper". Along with this pre-order you will be entered into a raffle to win SampleTank 2.5 XL from IK MultiMedia which is a VSTi instrument package with about 30GBs of sounds. Below is the post I've made on the Reaper Forums and just in case you missed it.

Pre -Order Now for ONLY $34.99 to enter the Raffle to win Sample-Tank 2.5 XL!

Why would you pre-order instead of waiting till the video series comes out?
1. Tutorials For Reaper will be raffling off a license for IK Multimedia’s Sample Tank 2.5 XL which includes over 30GBs of samples and VSTi instruments which has a $229 value!
2. I can get a read on the interest for the product for future projects.
3. Help support Tutorials For Reaper

What’s in the Video Series?
Pre-face videos
1. Install of SWS extensions, Make Menu's for easier editing
2. Install Sample-Tank 2.5 Free and SSO for SampleTank and make templates for future sessions.
3. Setup M-Audio MIDI keyboard with Midi and proper buffer for performance.

Genre and beat formulas

1. Hip-Hop
2. R&B
3. Rap (East Coast, Dirty South)
4. Orchestra Use with SSO

Midi Production

1. Recording on a Midi track
2. Midi Record and editing screen-sets
3. Input selection
4. Record Quantized
5. SWS Grooves, usage and creation

Recording Midi Drums with a keyboard

1. Step Recording
2. Midi Editing with Drum mode and GM drum labels
3. Quantization options and grooves

Recording instruments(with and w/o record quantize)

1. Loop recording
2. Midi Editor and Piano roll
3. Quantization, humanization and grooves.

What else will we cover?
- Three different songs will be created with the above steps for the genre’s listed!

- How to Create a good hooks for each song will also be covered.

- How to record vocals for a hook for the genre’s listed listed

What else is Included?
- FX Chains for Vocals and instruments will be created and and included.

- Session files with full midi production files – Royalty Free

- When you order a product from you will also get phone and email support from Jonny Ginese!

**Customers should know how to use a keyboard, mouse and have the ability to navigate Reaper before purchase.

Pre -Order Now for ONLY $34.99 to enter the Raffle to win Sample-Tank 2.5 XL!

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