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Interesting discussion, personally I am of the mind that Yes, the underlying code and functionality is the most important, but speaking for myself, and I suppose most the people I know, If a software (especially these-days) isn't professional in its appearance, and I mean PROfessional.. then it is unlikely to do as well as a competitor that is.

It's no coincidence that the more popular software titles being used, purchased these-days, are also typically the best graphically designed...IMO

I think too many companies take this for granted, in that they put most of their eggs in the functionality basket, not giving proper consideration and priority to the UI

Actually WT, when I saw that the same person designed the default Reaper theme AND the Imperial theme, I could have fell over backwards in disbelief.

I am happy to be able to modify, redesign this stuff myself, but 98% of everyone else isn't and I can understand the frustration of some in this thread.

Having said that, Nicks recent stuff, and inevitably any new stuff from yourself are probably singlehandedly saving the day for Reaper from the viewpoint of those of us that HAVE to have a PRO UI to work in. Regardless of how great the code is, or tiny the footprint.
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