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I mostly disagree with the OP in that there are enough themes out there where most people can find something they prefer. Where I do agree is that the grayish green default theme isn't my preference either. But again, there are so many themes out there it kinda doesn't matter much... the visual coloring and all that.

Where the general UI needs help isn't with the colors or contrast or any of that since all of that can be changed. The real problem with the interface is (imo, mmv) the actual design of the parts. It still seems to suffer from a data programmers mentality in too many ways.

The new docking functionality is great but some of the things being docked are the same designs they were before. Example: The properties windows is the same window, instead of being redesigned for a docker style panel, which I think would have been great here, it's just the same dialog window stuck into a docker panel... with no real regard for layout or presentation in that case.

Look guys, you all know I've pretty much chosen Studio One as my host so this isn't a bash. At a lower level, Reaper kinda kicks it's ass performance wise a little with some of my favorite large virtual instruments but there are so many parts of Reaper's UI that are just so (relatively) inaccessible with the mouse it makes using it a real pain for me. Going with the more (imo, mmv) friendly UI is an easy choice for me.

I can work in hours in S1 and never see a popup dialog which - again relatively speaking compared to Reaper and Cubase - means that a lot of forethought went into the general UI design and general accesibility. UI design is more than just colors and button graphics and the other parts are subjectively where Reaper needs help.

So again, I really disagree with the OP's premise that there's any major issue at all with the "themes" for Reaper. The real UI issue for me are the actual UI parts themselves, not how they get colored or themed. Some parts are brilliant. Others are just really kinda klunky.

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