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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
I change the output channel after all other controls. As all controls stream through the output channel transformation they get their channel changed as well. It's magic .
It's magic and now it's dependent on:

A) The ordering of the plugins
B) That you have a rechannelize plugin at the end

If it wasn't dependent on those two things, it may not be necessary to "rechannelize" it at all.

I really think as I said this will be "more fiddliness" and not very user friendly. It's just a better hack, not an integrated midi solution.

Additionally when it comes to filtering it gets more complex. If a track has PC and you want to filter PC, but you DO want to set the PC initially, then it gets clunky. Does the filter eat up the initial PC you wanted to set?

I think a collection of hacks does not an integrated solution make. I'm all for a decent hack now and again but I'm all for an engineered solution geared to the task at hand too, not just more spaghetti.

I think this is all about saving the universal track which has a lot of problems in my book. When would you want to put a VSTi AND a waveform on the same track, compared to one or the other? It's a niche need but it's the defacto standard.

And what volume affects both the waveform and the vsti? I fail to see the use case for this scenario versus midi and audio tracks being essentially different except they both have an audio path; one generates audio and the other plays it back, both with or without fx.

Additionally as I pointed out on the top post, it's an OPTIONAL track type. Noone has to give up their "beloved" universal track to have this option. I think this is completely lost in the discussion as people think it's either/or.

As I've said before, not every game is zero-sum and this isn't either.


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