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Also MIDI volume in any multisampled VSTi is going to change the texture of the sound (different sample layers being triggered) whereas the audio volume only changes the output volume.
you're talking about midi velocity, not volume...2 completely different things. cc7 is one thing, i would puke my pants if suddenly my track's volume fader suddenly started effing with my midi velocity. velocity, more than anything, is something that should be controlled via dedicated user-created TCP control - this functionality is native already with the included velocity control js fx.

lawrence, i have zero proteus experience, but i believe i can see your point. i'm envisioning a scenario where multiple midi channels control multiple instruments on a multitimbral synth/sampler/workstation outputting to a stereo track. incoming midi from your controller show up in individual tracks by channel perhaps in reaper, and then are exported to the proteus. here, i would definitely want cc7 volume control over the proteus easily accessible, as the stereo track prohibits a user from just using the volume fader to control different elements individually.

multi-out hardware ftw in this case...but in the meantime there's always this: (and TCP controls)

someday i reckon all TCP controls (including buttons and vol faders) will be more flexibly assigned
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