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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
mike, just a little one: on the item context i couldn't find an option to open the item in the midi editor/inline editor.
maybe you figure folk open them an easier way just i often r-click a midi item to open the editor, don't know what anyone else thinks about that.

again cheers!
Generally, I've stood away from including any function available by mouse clicks or buttons. I figured most people use the MIDI editor via double-click. I know that we can't yet set the inline editor to be the double-click option, so I assume that either you use the inline editor or an secondary editor.

If there isn't any objection to it, I'll put an 'Open' drop-down on the 'media item context' menu right between 'Properties' and 'Grouping', since the 'secondary editor'/'inline editor'/'open copy' are good reasons to add the 'Open' item.
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