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Default a couple suggestions ...

Right now im trying to get the EZD Latin Percussion done, but its just a pain in the butt because certain sounds are scattered across the keyboard outside their specific instrument groups f.e.
127 Crescendo Shekere
126 On Beat Shekere	
125 Off Beat Shekere	
124 Beat Shekere
70 Beat Shekere
and that would make this totally stressy to work with. Now Schwa said
Originally Posted by schwa View Post
... It would be pretty easy to extend this plugin to do note mapping and folding as well, for instance if you have only a few notes you want to name but the vsti that's receiving them expects them scattered all over the place (like 0=kick, 100=snare or something), you could set it up so the display shows 0=kick, 1=snare, and midi input note 1 will get mapped to output note 100.

On the other hand you can already do that, mostly, with the IX midi keymap JS. so maybe it's better to keep this plugin totally simple and mono-functioned.
Can you pretty please give us the feature to easy-peasy change mappings in the *.txt files?

Imho its is such a bummer having to remap single notes via an additional js plugin every time.

And while working a lot with the notename feature and tweaking *.txt's to my needs i would like to propose a sort of 'grouping' feature where text included in cornered brackets f.e.
45 [smth] smthelse
in the *.txt files could be displayed bold [edited] in the midi editor [/edited] or in any other way different from the rest so one could easier scan for the right note ...

Please share your actual thoughts about this ...

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