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I can't seem to get TrackFX_SetPreset to work. Here's my code:

reaper.InsertMedia("C:/Users/derek/Dropbox/Music/midi/2019/2019 November 22 01.mid", 1)
track = reaper.GetTrack(0, 0)
fx = reaper.TrackFX_AddByName(track, "Ivory (Synthogy)", false, -1)
reaper.TrackFX_SetPreset(track, fx, "Bosendorfer 225 Grand Piano")
I was however able to get the above to work with a track template as suggested:
reaper.InsertMedia("C:/Users/derek/Dropbox/Music/midi/2019/2019 November 22 01.mid", 0)

Now, I'm looking for how to render out the current project. The only API call I found in the documentation which has the word render in it is this:

boolean reaper.RenderFileSection(string source_filename, string target_filename, number start_percent, number end_percent, number playrate)

Not available while playing back.
The documentation is not very helpful. What is a file section? What is the source and target file type? Project? Start and end percent sound intuitive, but then what is playrate?

I'm tempted to say this API documentation has a bit of a case of WTFM.
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