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the API doc for TrackFX_AddByName() says for instantiate parameter:
Specify a negative value for instantiate to always create a new effect, 0 to only query the first instance of an effect, or a positive value to add an instance if one is not found.
So if you put 0 there it only returns in which position of a track FX chain a specific FX is found (-1 if not found) but doesn't instantiate one.
If you put -1 (always create a new effect) or 1 (add an instance if one is not found) there it should work.

Sidenote 1:
If you haven't seen it yet, X-Raym made a nice API doc with function filtering:

Sidenote 2:
You could use code tags for posting your code here for a bit easier reading and keeping the formatting.

Good suggestion from jrengmusic I think.
For loading a track template you can use Main_openProject().

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