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Yes , The track arranging suggestion is visual . But if your not using the screen then that point is irrelevant.

Seems like you've answered alot of your own questions..
REgarding backing tracks though , I'd still reccomend a interface with multiple outs (more than two) and thats where you'll notice the asio difference as usb cards dont really work well unless they use there own asio driver.

It will get to a point where your drummer will probably want his own mix of things compared to what you want.. (ie he will want click backing track and maybe not as much of your sounds )
You can still do this with two channels ,you send a custom click backing track mix from reaper down left channel, and the right channel will only be you(keyboard amp) and split to foh in mono only.
If you want stereo for your synths, you'll have to go another soundcard...
(with backing tracks and click.)

I used region playlist for backing track set list management, but found that there was some issues using midi triggers and missing actions for things like navigating to specific songs when playback was stopped.

What i've found is a better way is to use regions still , with action markers that are at the end of those songs to either flow non stop to next region smooth seeking, or goto the next region and stop. I made blank stop regions that easily drag inbetween song regions if i need it to stop at the edn and goto next song waiting for me to trigger.

Theres a few scripts that are really good to make things nice and clear for displaying region names and what is coming up. Check Hedas note reader. You can use this so you know what song your triggering from the vortex and what is coming up.

It will take a bit of messing around with backing tracks until you get it how you want. Theres not really a right or wrong way to do it, only your way and what works best for your Band.
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