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Originally Posted by insub View Post
What I do want to know is, how are most people setting REAPER up to play keyboard live with a band?
Describing what I did to turn Reaper in an instrument (but not (yet) for non-instrument-alike stuff like "background-tracks") and daily use:

Do they use a single VSTi, a couple of them, or a lot of different ones simultaneously?
Usually a single (e.g. Kontakt), but in some patches multiple (e.g. 4 times DEXED)

Do people setup all their VSTi's on separate tracks within one project?
Usually a track for each patch, holding one or more VSTis and possibly some VSTs.

Do they use sub-projects for different songs?
At the moment I don't use a song management at all, just a patch management

Do they setup separate projects in open tabs and cycle between them?
I feel that using Tabs for songs contradicts the management of tracks for patches, but I might be wrong.


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