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Thanks, Michael.

I don't need inputs at this point, but I have a MOTU Audio Express USB, if necessary.
I will deal with the hardware problems as they arise, but if I can't get REAPER set up efficiently then it doesn't matter whether the hardware works or not. I'm looking for a workflow solution, not a hardware solution. I don't plan on packing around a desktop computer, or purchasing a special-built computer. If I wanted to spend several thousand dollars, I would just get a Nord Stage and drop this idea altogether.
I DID read the sticky, and said so in the initial post. I will read it again.

What I do want to know is, how are most people setting REAPER up to play keyboard live with a band?
Do they use a single VSTi, a couple of them, or a lot of different ones simultaneously?
Do people setup all their VSTi's on separate tracks within one project?
Do they use sub-projects for different songs?
Do they setup separate projects in open tabs and cycle between them?
Which of these methods requires the least amount of computer specs and/or SWS action trickery?

I need to be able to have patches ready, from separate VSTi's, and be able to switch between them using the MIDI controller and without having to touch the computer at all. I typically only play one sound at a time, but quite often more than one during a single song.

I'm having the same problem with finding out this information for my other products as well. It doesn't appear that many people are performing live with any of these products. Most people seem to be bedroom producers with no need or desire to perform live on a stage with other analog musicians. Most people using Ableton LIVE do not even perform, even though that's what it was supposed to be designed for.

I used to work a little as a stagehand, & during that time I NEVER saw a touring keyboardist use a controller/laptop rig. 9/10 used a Nord something or other. Of course, that was some years ago.

Maybe I should stick with my 2-tier setup as it is. It works every time, and I don't have to fiddle with a computer, setup controller mappings, etc. But, I'd then have to use a MIDI cable with my wireless keytar which detracts a little from its appeal for stage use.
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