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Micro-tones (partial bends, rational bends) are beynd the scope of this discussion. I use them as well. Those are actually a structural part of non-western modes and scales (mainly eastern and far eastern). Our tones are not spot on perfect anyway, especially with some music instruments.

Originally Posted by tls11823
So you're saying that you're going to come up with a new "standard" for notating music, but you don't care if anybody else uses it? So what then is the point, other than as an intellectual exercise?
If I may answer it... Yes, it is not only for intellectual exercise. It has its practical applications as well. Please, refer to the Pashkuli Keyboard, I have designed (earliest pages of this thread).
There are many... many alternative notations with staff, lines, etc. and they are different, very different from the PNS (Pashkuli's Plain Notation System).

Other than that, many people seem to forget that besides practical, we as humans, sometimes need intellectual excercises and workouts as well. It is called progress:
the process of changing or developing towards an improved situation or condition
to improve or develop in skills, knowledge, ideas, etc.
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