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That doesn't happen here, at least if I understand you right. Tried with the default theme too, where I get dark menus but some dialogs look a bit funky being bright instead of dark.

I must admit that I'm not a great themer and I didn't put much effort into this. It was quickly done to demonstrate the new capability and then put to the side.. I'm still using it with a dark theme that I downloaded and have modified a bit.

Probably better if some real themers added this for their themes, but as it only works on linux I guess that might be wishful thinking.

FWIW, on my system the popup is dark grey with white text..

I know that Justin did some changes to it not so long ago, but I'm not sure exactly what. I suppose maybe some things might still get overridden by the theme in use.

Edit: Mystery solved. The libSwell.colortheme I uploaded to the stash is indeed wonky, have updated it, so download and try again...

It also has a different font, to go with changes in 5.95pre7. Also some dialogs get dark, and others are determined by the theme...
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