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Originally Posted by pyerbass View Post
Thanks for your kind words unfortunately you will have to wait for V5, it's far from done ;-)

Ok I have been mislead by the REC module.
That's an interesting project! do you want the silk screen to be still or to follow move according the routing?
The diagram would be like an animated schematic....with spst switch for cut...polarity could have a dpdt switch symbol where the animation switches the circuits...
a spdt switch symbol for the monitor showing the circuit switching between on, off, auto...maybe the gain knob...whic will be flat...will have a
symbol for a var resistor or potentiometer below it, and a label box for that symbol which will be the tcp_vol_label....etc...imdicators will show a led symbol below...etc., then I will have a layout that turns off the silkscreen, and maybe a light and dark for each.....
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