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Originally Posted by pyerbass View Post
I couldn't agree more with you Jreng, what you have done is an incredibly colossal work. I still want to go 3d for API v5 but I postpone the day where I will have to export hundreds of renders with alpha BG and shadows...

Never, it is ambitious indeed, I don't know if you can do such theme but what I think is for certain is that you are starting on the right way: a schematics of where you want to go
Yea I think the Jreng theme is the definately the most incredible work so far I like it better than Imp 5 and I realize it impliments portions of Imp 5 but the image shift is just negative and positive offset conditions it's like WT
said it was just that someone had to think to apply it...I am not a programmer so unstead of using his macros I am just doing the long walter and the math ex:...4 panel mcp_bg image @80px...1st panel..norm..[0 x x x]..2nd [-80 x x x] etc, and commenting beside them....otherwise i will never learn..eventually I will go back and write macros of my own..I am actually working on three different themes currently, and about 8 themes not done from '14-'17. I try to make at least a couple elements in each theme that I consider innovative and that have never been done that way....most times if something I have done in that vein ends up being done by someone else before I release mine, I just kill the whole WIP. I have been using my ION 3 MK II theme now for a couple years and it cant be replaced for my workflow and my
ocd issues, API 5 and Jreng are actually the two I am waiting on the most so I think it'S amazing the both of you are the ones to answer this post.
I will post u/d's soon on a prelim panel, I will do a TCP first.
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