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I don’t want to break the spirit. I have only create one theme. Both flat-ish and 3D, only with 5 TCP layout, 6 MCP layout.

Nothing ambitious, just because i want a theme that looks good on my retina screen, familiar, and easy for me to use. So it’s very personal, i’m not too worried how it may look or behave for various kind of user with unpredictable setup.

The 3D is the most time consuming part. No drop shadow, emboss or crazy gradient fills for pseudo three dimension orthographic projection point of view. But real 3D from modelling, texturing, lighting, and rendering hundreds of images in order to make them look accurate but also WALTER programmable.

I thought it would be fun, something to do on a spare time.

Eventually I spent 6-8 hours/day (sometimes more). I finally managed to pull it off for 187 days straight. It become a half year full time job. Now i understand why there were so many work in progress themes with great ideas never seen the light of day.

Ambitious you asked? Knock yourself out.
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