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Originally Posted by pyerbass View Post
Thanks for your kind words unfortunately you will have to wait for V5, it's far from done ;-)

Ok I have been mislead by the REC module.
That's an interesting project! do you want the silk screen to be still or to follow move according the routing?
Well, firstly, I want to make two main styles
of flat 3d
set...on the flats, the controls and
indicators will be ableton like but tweaked
out and very stylized.. all flat, as w/ the the
silkscreen. On the 3d's, the controls, etc., will
be 3d and shadowed...minimally.....and the
components will be old style...rocker
toggles like moog, numeric led readouts,
black slide switches, metallic knobs...
and the silkscreen will use electronic
symbols, etc., where feaseable, and leave spaces
for the controls themselves., think some of the old synths.
Maybe like:
an electronic schematic / flowchart / channel strip hybrid.
Some themes attempt to add traces of this type of signal path display, but manipulated
to be nothing more than aesthetic.

I want a working design that someone...
day one on a one on REAPER...straight off
of a solid state console, can look at,
understand in depth, appreciate and take
solace in its technical precision, while
(most likely) being shocked greatly at its ability to be
pleasing to the eye despite it's seemingly (on paper) overwhelming design dynamic.
Does that seem to ambitious?

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