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Originally Posted by pyerbass View Post

I did my own version of the signal path to start API v5 (beta 00.00) it was indeed very helpfull!

There is one input missing in my opinion:
THE ITEM: this is the main sound source that you will use in reaper. The monitoring fonction gives you the choice to hear the direct input, or the item, or both.

Also, don't forget that you can record the input OR the output of the channel strip, you should have a way to move the record button on the chain. Same goes for send pre or post fader, but there is no way to use this parameter to change the layout as far as I know.

That's the problem: the signal path in reaper is way too flexible to be drwan!
@Pyerbass...thank you for your input. I ahould have clarified...the box at bottom left titled 'sel' would be our input select and the green arrow coming into that box from the 'from
mix' box would signify the ability to record from the mix, or 'print' as we
say in the biz, and the item...hmmm..i understand the necessity to include it but since this is to be a silkscreen for the mixer and tcp panel, and the item mixing operates aside from these basically, why wud it need to be signified on the diagram...or maybe it's just assumed....not sure...this diagram wud be used only for channel
mixing and not item mixing or editing..maybe someone will kick in with ideas....btw..Api 4 was the first theme i DL'd, and what started me theming, and was the underpinning of my first theme. Cant wait to try the new one !!
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