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Default Technical Question For Theme WIP

I am working on a theme which will
show a 'silkscreen' on the TCP and
MCP panels of the signal path as
it correlates to the controls.
I am not sure what level of complexity
the 'silkscreen' will maintain,
as it may get to be too much
for the eyes. However, I would
like to make sure that the signal
flow represented on the panel
is to speak...
for everyone who uses it, and so
I have created a fairly complete
flowchart from which to work
when developing the graphic.
I would like everyone's input
as to the validity / relevance
of the components involved,
and their placement.
Please feel free to clip the
image and arrange it to your
taste. I am shooting for
efficiency, relevance, ease of
Remember, this will be in some capacity
printed on the panel, and it doesn't
have to be electronically
or programmatically (lol) precise to
110%, just workable and suitable.

Regards, Never
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