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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Yes, that FR needs revisiting - after all, it was 5 1/2 years ago

Yep . But the stupid dropdown and the behavior according to note name files is still the same as back then. I see me bitch about that bugger in the FR discussion thread . And I see me trying to explain what I tried to explain above. Deja vu type of thing...

while note names could certainly be better, for example for cases where you want the same file on multiple channels, I think the dazzling is not note name's fault but all down to that darn dropdown box.

EDIT: To save note name's honors, do as I did ages ago. Have a bunch of 16 buttons on the Piano Roll toolbar to switch "Channel for new events". They will immediately remove all dazzling about note name files. If channel 5 is lit, then you load note names to channel 5. You will only see these note names when channel 5 is lit. Easy-peasy. What's more, I always know which channel I will create events on.
Apart from when someone here in the forums reminds me there is that trainwreck of a dropdown down there that constantly tells me I am looking at "All channels" I completely ignore it and it's for the better of both of us - I'd scratch it off the monitor, if I could. .

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