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I think that (DarkStar's) FR needs a new discussion. I think it would be much neater if there were means to assign to specific/multiple/all channels in the note name file dialog instead of clinging to the setting of the channel selector.

The way I work with MIDI channels in Reaper, my "Channel selector" is set to "all" at all times and stays there even when I switch the channel new events are written to(unless I explicitely want to see a channel exclusively). But of course I want to assign note names to individual channels. And I can, currently. Not sure if I could if that FR would be implemented like that.

Btw, what you describe here
* Reason
At the moment
a) if you load a Note name file when the Channel selector is "All" then the names are used when the Channel is "All" or "1" only.
is not the case.
The names are shown only as long as the "channel for new events" that was valid when you loaded the file is (still or again) the current "channel for new events". Has not much to do with "All" at all. Try this:

- open a midi editor of a new item on a new track (just so it's a default state) and assign a note name file while the selector is at "All".
- switch the selector to any channel but 1 (any but 1, because ch1 is the default "channel for new events", so you assigned the names to ch 1 in the previous step)
at this point the names should have vanished not because channel 1(to which the names are assigned) is not shown, but because it's not the "channel for new events"
- switch back to "All"
-> the names will not re-appear. because the channel for new events is still not ch1

- now use the filter window to set "Draw events on channel" to 1 (or use the action "Set channel for new events").
=> Voila, the names are back.

Note name load and display both always obey "New events channel". Consistently. It's that darn channel dropdown which is tricking everyone.
The misunderstanding is because of the nature of the channel selector dropdown (combining two aspects - visibility and new-events-channel) - which should better be independent. It's one of the silliest UI elements in Reaper, IMO. Neither does it help me as a selector for new events - because only in rare case I want allother channels to not be displayed, nor does it help me as a display - because (as I want all channels to be displayed) I only ever see it say "All".

I guess it shows that I don't like the selector, thus I will not support making anything rely on the setting of that bitch.

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