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Works fine here. Not sure what could be going wrong. There's not much to it, you don't even need to switch to drum view. As soon as I load note names they just appear immediately. Maybe something went wrong with the download and your file is empty? You can check that with any text editor (it's a plain and simple *.txt file).

The only other thing that I can think of is that note name files are always loaded to the "channel for new events" and that channel only. There's nothing in a Reaper note name file that tells Reaper "load these names to channel 10". If you then switch to view/write another channel, then the loaded names aren't shown (but names you might have loaded to that other channel).

I doubt it is possible at all, but maybe you somehow managed to load the names, say, to channel 1 but the MIDI editor is set to view channel 10 (where GM drums are expected to happen) - or vice versa...
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