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I currently own and more importantly regularly USE in excess of ten different drum romplers.
Some free, some paid. In a nutshell, they ALL have their uses.
I started out with Toontrack and I guess EZD1 & 2 and Superior are generally my starting point, but I put that down as much to "first love true love" as anything else.
Drum romplers have come a HUGE way in a very short time.
Remember ocean Way being the grandaddy, then Megasaurus?

I had not moved up from BFD Eco (which I own twice) because there was never an upgrade path, but at this price I am feeling stirrings in my wallet.

EDIT: Just went and priced it up properly and at over 100GB pounds for the "upgrade" when the full product is available for exactly the same price, no way. FXSolutions taking the mickey out of existing customers again.
Think I will buy the new HipHop!EZX instead....

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