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Originally Posted by morfi View Post
How can Addictive Drums be even better than BFD?? I've given it a quick test before and it seems pretty limited - much fewer options (I don't mean that in a bad way at all).

I'm curious about everybody else's opinion

It just depends on how you like to go about things. BFD gives you much more in depth control of every little parameter of every drum and every stage of micing, room setup, etc. If you want that kind of control, then anything that doesn't have it will feel limited.

Addictive Drums hits a middle ground somewhat; the samples are somewhat doctored and there are only so many of them, but you still have numerous options for tuning and effects and sends and all kinds of stuff.

I tried out BFD Eco to get a sense of how it worked, and picked up Slate SSD EX, and AD1. I've been drumming for many years and recording for longer. Slate sounded too canned to me, not enough control, and BFD was like building everything from the ground up, which was cool but I wasn't really craving having to bring every detail of doing that with acoustic drums from the real world. AD hit the sweet spot for me, but as with virtually everything in the music gear world, that sweet spot is just for ME. Yours can be in a totally different place.

My overall take is that all of the major drum VSTi offerings these days are exceptional and you should just see which one feels right to you. They'll all do the job and then some.
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