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First rehearsel worked ok yesterday, if not for the KX Midi Filter plugin, it has a bug I guess. When I kick my sustain pedal, it keeps sustaining.
First I thought it was the pedal that was broken, but after switching with an other one, I found out that the KX plugin was the cause. I checked the midi IO on the filter, and that works ok. Disabling it solved the prob.

Pitty, because I really like that KX Midi filter, since it's very complete.
You can set the midi split note range, velocity range, sustain (on or of) and the program change on/off. (Very handy if you switch channels my controller sends the PC also allong, so I had to filter that out). And has a midi IO window.
I contacted the programmer of it, hope to have some response soon.

I guess will have to add 2 midi filters plugins, probably JS. That midi note filter extended (if it had PC on board, I would be helped with it alone) and an other one for the PC.

Any suggestions on good split and filtering plugins?

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