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Just wanna add that I really appreciate your work. Obviously you have spend lots of time in configuring stuff and setting up the needed actions. I am in a "similar" position right now.

After years of regular use of DAWs as my production playground (mostly default layout mixed up with customized stuff but nothing gamechanging) I am swlowly changing my complete GUI and Reaper behaviour. I have unbound all mousemodifiers and shortcuts and starting from scratch right now. Eg I think I finally found some nice window behaviour I can live with in Reaper. It is still in very early development but feels somehow pretty tight even at this early stage.

I am very impressed with your detailed setup. This one helps me a lot in trying out some new stuff I have not even thought off. I like how you mixed up various Actions, how you arranged your stuff and how everything behaves.

Kudos for sharing it with us. If I find the time I will do something similar but I am pretty short on time due various other projects and life.

Will definitely subscribe to this thread.

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