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Originally Posted by Megagoth1702 View Post
Alteregoxxx - Some artifacts at the beginning, check that.
Really warm mix, I like it. But maybe too warm and not crisp? Like the pannened guitars. Like what you did to the snare, it was a pain in the ass to get to sound good.
for the i've said i did a really rough mix(read zero editing)
for the "warmth"...i think a "retrņ-warm" sound fit the song better than a "modern-crisp" sound so i pointed more to "visually-sonically" recreate a sweet warm mood rather than a cold crisp modern sound...this is a love is warm and sweet, like an old movie scene (for me...)...i think the drum groove reminded me "Five years" from David Bowie so i tried to inject some "70's" also

For the reasons explained above despite your mix sounds pretty good from a technical point of view, for my taste it sounds too aggressive.In particular organ is too high and holds the mood of the songs too tight.Snare also has a modern-tight sound that i don't like for this song but this, on the other hand, is consistent with the modern mood you have chosen to give the song.
However good mix.Bravo!

Let me clarify once again that is absolutely not my intention to offend anyone with my opinions :-D i only try to express what I think without filters :-D
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