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Originally Posted by Megagoth1702 View Post
The vocals are always a big deal for me, I never can get them right. :-/
The vocal-track itself has huge volume drops and even without the compressor there were many volume differences.
I know the parts you are talking about, but the volume at the beginning of those is acually like 2 times louder than the rest, I did not find a way to make it nice and even without it sounding weird. :-/ Thats definatively something I need to look into.
Compressor is (IMO) used way to extensively, especially among mixers just starting out, when it comes to vocals. If you have very uneven vocals, step number 1 should be volume automation or hand-editing. Check out this example for the kind of detailed volume riding you'll see in pro mixes. This lets your compressor do what it's designed for, with 1 setting working across the whole mix (or segment when there're really big diffs between verse/chorus for example and you have to split it to 2 channels)
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