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well guys i dont want auto everything either.
just this one feature. and i dont feel it would lead to code bloat from my coding/systems background.
if that had been the case i wouldnt have suggested it... its the only thing in midi i need. and ive talked to lots of pals of mine over the past few years who agree it would be a nice feature in any sequencer.
i'm not asking for the moon.
the logic is really not that difficult either.
really the logic is akin to a random number generator.
except here its generating random midi notes like A3 or F#4 or F3 or whatever.
ie..user clicks F (for fill on pc kbd).
and the program generates a random number of midi notes (drum notes ONLY..thus its not a lot of notes..) based on the tempo of the song. to fit in with tempo.
and the user can decide how many notes to be randomly generated.
really compared to a lot of other things done in sequencers ....
just my opinion but it shouldnt be a huge job to implement.
its something i and many others have wanted for ages.

in working with reaper all my focus is to think of nice little helpers thats all. in fact so far its the only thing i can see.
as everything else has already been done so nicely.

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