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Originally Posted by manning1
i feel what your saying, but the reality is a lot of songwriters like myself dont have access to ace drummers.
or in some cases the drummer that one had moved to a new house say in another part of the country.....and lots of other reasons.
another reason for the suggestion is for demos to show a real drummer one brings into a studio the rough idea one is aiming for in a song.


I get that, believe me, I've been getting it since the early '80s.

I'm 52, been playing drums most of my life. Made my living on the road for 20 of those years.

My aggravation stems from the ability to simulate drums easily since the advent of drum machines and computers due to the fact that drum notes, other than cymbals don't sustain and drums are so math based.

I have the same problems as you... I have little ability to contact fellow road musicians, melodic in my case, though I play keys also, (another instrument hit badly by technology) to lay down scratch or other tracks for me. I now am subject to laboring on the melodic tracks with my keyboard.

Sorry, I just don't feel your pain. Drum machines (though I program better than most if not all melodic musicians), computers, karaoke, DJs, solo, keyboard acts, drum loops, etc. have taken a huge toll on my lively-hood over the years... sour grapes?... can you blame me?

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