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You can't actually move takes around individually, but you can 'explode' them into separate movable items, then 'implode' back into takes.
Select the 2-take item. Right click> Take> Explode all takes to new tracks. Now the two takes have become two items (on the new tracks). Move the one you want to 'merge', lining it up in position under the original track. Select both it and the original 1-take item> right click> Take> Implode items across tracks into takes.
Bit fiddly but works... there's probably other ways to do it.
But I just noticed that to toggle from take 1 to take 2 (on the new 2-take item) I can't use the 'clicking on the take name at the bottom of the window' method...other methods work, like right click> Take> 'Next take' . Seems like a bug? (I should make a separate topic about that)

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