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Default Copy/Delays - Automated Macro

You know how you can make up delays by copying a word from one track, then creating more tracks and pasting a single copy on each track as the taps?

Well this automates the process! Here's the instructions:

Select the area to copy on the item

Right Click - 'copy selected area of selected items' ...or use the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-C

Make sure the track is selected, go back before the word, then hit play

Press the key (F12 in my case) at every point you want a delay created. Any rhythm you want.

* It basically creates a new track, and then pastes the media at the play cursor position...and so on.

Here's the screenshot and macro:

*see, i pasted them in as half bar delays.

If your computer can't keep up, or you prefer to add tracks in a track template or manually, change the first action to 'track: go to next track'.

Have fun!~
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