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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post

This is in regards to my post titled "Attention all OSC geeks"
If you could add the ability for users to add descriptions to the ReaperOSC file such as TRACK_1_VU.., TRACK_2_VU.., etc.., which would send the VU's of each track then some real cool modulations could be accomplished using different/multiple audio sources.

What do think?

Thank you
I think we need such an ability in general, not only for VU's. Especially for FX_PARAM_VALUE. The current banking and wildcard systems are (or should I say "were") very useful, but too restrictive by themselves (i.e. forced to use/step through adjacent tracks / plugin slots / plugin parameters / sends / receives). And using the Learn menu can quickly become a pita when you have to click in hundreds of different places (and no feedback, no joy). But I'm not sure we should use different actions descriptions (e.g. the all-caps bits) for each. We should rather be able to define different message patterns for the separate targets of actions with a @ wildcard. For example, with the existing patterns:
TRACK_VU /track/vu /track/@/vu
FX_PARAM_VALUE /fxparam/@/value /fx/@/fxparam/@/value /track/@/fx/@/fxparam/@/value
I'd like to be able to do something like:
~/track/1/vu = /bang/this/button
~/track/2/vu = /flick/that/switch
~/track/12/fx/1/fxparam/153/value = /turn/the/big/knob
~/track/3/fx/4/fxparam/3/value = /lights/out
in the configuration file (of course the syntax used here is a completely arbitrary example that I just made up).

I don't understand what I'm seeing currently in reaper-osc-actions.ini First off, I think defining OSC messages should really be concentrated in a single configuration file - as far as I can see, there are now two configuration files, which is quite confusing. Is this perhaps the start of OSC support outside of the realm of control surfaces?
By the looks of it, REAPER is treating its own strictly defined addresses as arbitrary messages:
"/action/950" 0 0 950
Why is /action/950 in quotes? Should it not rather be something like:
/action/950 0 0 "/perform/something/useful/1 [f]" ?
... that is only needed when one uses a different message than has already been defined in the OSC configuration file? I would think the second part of
ACTION /action /action/@
already told REAPER to listen to such messages. Or is the only relevant information in those two 0's?

With regard to cool modulations: that was my main reason for asking for better configurability of update rates (for example, I've been using dummy sliders in REAPER to automate parameters in Numerology, and have Numerology modulate parameters in REAPER, basically extending Numerology's virtual CV system into REAPER). Ideally we could differentiate between different update frequencies for different actions (for some, once every audio buffer is plenty, for others, you'd typically want to go much further towards audio rate). Tying the OSC update rate to once every audio buffer seems to make most sense as a default option. I'm also wondering how performance scales, how much overhead OSC flooding actually costs, how it compares to modulation using audio channels, DC / CV, etc. - all areas which require quite a bit more testing (which I'll certainly do ).

It is also the main reason that I really dislike pre 25 has drastically reduced the amount of feedback. Much less opportunity for cool modulations.
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