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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
Sending to "Adjust track FX parameter 01(MIDI CC/OSC only)" with the parameters control visible on the TCP using GlovePIE Example: SendOsc(,8000,"/ummagumma", 0.5)
That is encouraging, I should give it another try then... (with that funky message, I assume you used the Learn feature to bind it to OSC ) Perhaps the trick is to avoid using the action number - using both integers and floats may be the issue somehow.
Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
However I did find a bug.., when sending a value of 1.0 it doesn't set the parameters value to the max.., it falls sort by just a little bit.
That may be a similar issue to what I had found when using Pure data with mrpeach's OSC externals; a value of exactly 1.0 (and 0.0) is sent as a integer, not as a float. For the time being, I made a pretty ugly hack that 'repairs' such malformed messages on the raw byte level at the client's end. If it is, no idea about how to do somthing similar for GlovePIE, since I haven't used it yet. It does look pretty awesome. (btw, have you ever heard of the late Michel Waisvisz (STEIM) and his 'Hands'?)
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