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Originally Posted by Dberman View Post
So, the step I was not comprehending is leaving the .mst alone and making my changes in the .zon file. I'm pretty certain this will give me exactly what I want, since I've had everything working at one time or another. Thank you again.
As long as the X-Touch One mode you pick outputs something useful for all the controls and this reflected in the .mst file, everything else can be changed in the .zon file.

The reason it's a good idea to pick a mode that comes with the unit (as opposed to one you've edited yourself, MCUser mode for instance) is that anyone else can use your .mst file and .zon files, beacause they'll be starting from the same place

In a way, that's the advantage of the original Mackie units, the MCU, XT and C4. The assignments are what they are- thay can't be changed. So as long as someone else uses the same widget names in their .zon files, they'll work with the corresponding .mst file and hence the unit itself.
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