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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Are you using the overlays? I can't emphasize this enough, but the buttons literally change depending on the mode!
I have all the overlays, but I wasn't relying on them because my ultimate goal is my own customized layout. As always, I really appreciate the thoroughness and clarity of your advice.

So my advice to you is this:

1. Pick Logic, S1, or Cubase mode to start (look at the overlays for the available functions and pick the one that most fits your workflow).

2. Once you do that, use the overlay for that MCU mode to determine the widget names. Note: if you bought it second hand or otherwise don't have the overlays handy, you can download them from Behringer.

3. Now, if you want to change an action, find the button name in the overlay, and edit that action in the zone. Example: let's say you pick Logic mode. You're X-Touch will be set to MCU Logic, you'll have the Logic overlay let's say you want the "Group" button to work as an Undo button instead. You'll open the .zon file, find the "Group" widget, and edit the action to use Reaper's undo action instead.
So, the step I was not comprehending is leaving the .mst alone and making my changes in the .zon file. I'm pretty certain this will give me exactly what I want, since I've had everything working at one time or another. Thank you again.
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