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Originally Posted by Dberman View Post
@Funkybot, yes! just about everything works, including channel faders. Questions for you:
- Did you choose MCU S1 mode for any particular reason? I see some of the MIDI addresses are different than MCU Std or User.
- The faders work perfectly! is that because you defined 8 of them in your mst? Is the same true for track arm, solo, mute?

Thanks again for all the help. The light is slowly coming on and I almost understand what I'm doing.
Happy to hear it works now!

Ok so, without getting too deep into it...S1, Logic, and Cubase modes should all work VERY well. I didn't use Reaper mode because for some reason Behringer didn't map a button. MCU Std and MCU User modes are out because they only use 1 fader and 1 master, whereas the other DAW modes use 8 [virtual] faders and 1 master. The Waveform MCU mode is very bizarre in terms of what buttons they mapped and to which widgets - stay away from that one. So feel free to experiment with the other MCU DAW modes and pick a favorite as a starting point. They should all work pretty well. It's really about what default widgets you want to see and which overlay you want to use.

The reason the faders work now, is because of that 8 fader + 1 master thing I mentioned. I guess this is the MCU standard, and the MCU DAW modes are all configured this way.

MCU Std and MCU User modes for some reason are assigned to fader 5, and the channel select buttons don't work to change that. That's why it wasn't working for you. We were expecting it would be fader 1 that those modes used, but it wasn't.

Hope that kind of makes sense. It's hard to figure out without going in and experimenting with all the different modes to see what the unit does. I'll continue to refine the .mst and .zon files a bit further in the coming days so if you pop back in a few, I may have further refined it, but for now, I'm glad you're up and running!

If you note what isn't working and what you'd like a particular button to do, let me know what mode/overlay your using, and what isn't mapped and I can add it or show you how.
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