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Originally Posted by knadles View Post
Haven't been on in a few days and my last condition was that the MCU Pro display started working, but the fader bank controls didn't work. I just downloaded the current build and installed. Now the display is gone again and the MCU Pro doesn't respond at all. It has been suggested I post the zon file, which I assume is in the Zone folder. I don't know if this helps because I didn't edit it (I don't know enough about it to start changing things), but this is what it looks like. Again, the Mackie might as well be disconnected from the computer (which it isn't), because there's literally no reaction when I open Reaper. That wasn't true 10 minutes ago, prior to the install.

Did you happen to overwrite the csi.ini when you updated? That's my guess. Go into Reaper's Preferences -> Control Surfaces -> CSI, then check out the CSI devices on the Home may be looking at a bunch of unfamiliar devices because that's Geoff's setup. If so, just delete them and setup your MCU again.
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