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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
I just bought an X-Touch one and have been setting it up. Pretty much everything works now (with the build Geoff just posted).

1. Backup your .mst and .zon files (make a copy of each and rename them X-TouchOne.bak for example).
2. Set the X-Touch One to MCU S1 mode (for now, just to test)
3. Replace your .zon with the attached one
4. Replace your .mst with the attached one
5. Report back
@Funkybot, yes! just about everything works, including channel faders. Questions for you:
- Did you choose MCU S1 mode for any particular reason? I see some of the MIDI addresses are different than MCU Std or User.
- The faders work perfectly! is that because you defined 8 of them in your mst? Is the same true for track arm, solo, mute?

Thanks again for all the help. The light is slowly coming on and I almost understand what I'm doing.
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