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Default Folder/Track Compact button

I will now focus on the button for compacting tracks in a folder.

As you can see in the image in the previous post, when a track within a folder is not compacted the button is a black square. This is supposed to represent the fact that the current compact status is not compacted at all.

The next option in the compact cycle is "small," so this is how the button looks during mouse over:-

You now see a slightly smaller grey rectangle with a dotted line above and below. It is supposed to indicate that that the next time the button is pressed you will switch to the next option in the cycle, "small."

When you click and hold the button (mouse down) the image changes to the same graphic but green:-

And if you let go you now get that same graphic but now in black, indicating that you are now in the "small" compact setting:-

The next compact is "tiny." The mouse over graphic now changes to an even smaller grey rectangle with the dotted line above and below:-

And the mouse down graphic:-

And when you let go of the mouse:-

The next option in the cycle is to go back to "not compacted" and the mouse over graphic goes back to the square, in grey:-

And the mouse down graphic:-

Which when you let go of the mouse returns to the original black square.

So, there you have it... All the things you have to think about for just one button. Amazing, and I wish I could say that about the graphics, but it would be fair to say that they are "functional" at best.

I may consider changing the grey mouse over graphic to white. I am not deliberately setting out to create an "accessible" theme but with all the recent criticisms regarding contrast are making me wonder if I should do something about that. Trouble is, I know nothing about visual impairments so it would not be possible to account for that until I do.


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