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Default Simple Six now on Stash [a blog of my theme creation exploits]

Hi Peeps

I'm going to try again to create a post here to track my theme development progress.

Last time I tried this someone posted their own theme which I thought was a bit naff to be honest, as nice as it may have been. So, please, create a post of your own for your themes and tweaks.

So, this is a blog, I guess. I suppose I could have created a proper block somewhere but why not here, where people who care about this kind of stuff may drop in for a chat about it. And I prefer forums anyway.

Simple Six?

Because what I am doing is going to be based on REAPER V6 and it is going to be very simple indeed, both graphically and layout wise. I use REAPER in a very simple way so I am going to leave out elements that I never use.

And where I am able, and until I get bored, I will be creating some new graphics. Simple graphics. Flat as a pancake... No gradients. Going to look awful, I know, but I am no graphics expert and I have only a basic knowledge of Gimp, my chosen graphics editor.

While I am here I would like to say that I now have massive respect to all who create a REAPER theme from the ground up. I spent much of yesterday designing and implementing a couple of very simple buttons. It must take weeks, if not months to come up with a new, fresh and pleasing design.




I have now uploaded this to Stash so, if you are just starting out and fancy digging into something less complex than the default themes then this could be for you.
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