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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
I'll take your word for it, over my head I'm afraid, lol

Anyone know what you can do, if you find a plugin with 4 "On"params?

Apart from just use it by hand.

No even a plugin I use, but just came across it and onc you use one "On the rest disappear, if you manually insert them into the zon file with note++ all the buttons work the one onscreen button.

Poor code i guess.

What about double wet? Reaper Wet and plugin Wet?

Good suggestion about the scrollbar on the Configurator, nice to be able to have a quick look through what's available

As to the plugins that have multiple parameters with the same name, I'm afraid we're a bit stuffed. If you really want to map one of these, you can run it inside BlueCat Patchwork and assign its automation hooks via the Patchwork auto system.

The reason the identical names don't cause more trouble outside of CSI is the fact that DAW automation systems use the internal plugin automation indexes to assign the parameters, not the external names.

Unless there's a way that Geoff can give us access to those indexes, it is what it is i'm afraid
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