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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Cool, looks mostly right, I just got the Midi FighterTwister spec, will look into putting together a primitive .mst file that you can expand.
That would be amazing!

and just by the sheer size of this thread you can tell it's a great project. Looking forward to digging deeper.

Preliminary question I know I'm going to have:

Can access send slots of a selected track? Say I wanted to dedicate 8 knobs to sends 1-8 of the selected tracks? I sort of got the impression I wouldnt be able to do that as of yet looking through the documentation. I see a tracksendvolume (or something to that effect) but not specific slots.

It looks like in the zone files you can assign knobs to trackvolume and it interpolates the first knob to the first visible track and then continues on. Am I on the right track here as far as understanding how this works? Apologies for the inconcise ramblings.
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