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Originally Posted by philait View Post
TBH I was thinking about this as a kind of one hit thing for that Session, but if they could be made to persist that would also be excellent. As it would be very quick to setup and 'my' requirements might change from time to time I'd want a quick way to drop the array and remap, but that's just me, thinking about synth tweaking as a usage. Of course other potential users of such a feature will surely have different ideas
Indeed. For me personally, synth (plus effect chain) tweaking is also one of my main intended uses.

If you intend to use such a thing on a per-session basis, doesn't the 'Learn' feature work for that (except for the lack of feedback, which you may not need)? Or track controls ("Track FX")?

As far as (switchable) remapping goes, I'm still thinking about what the best way to handle that would be. It can be done completely outside of REAPER. But inside of REAPER a lot of things could be linked in useful ways. WALTERized track controls, for example. Or linking it to vstxml support: your 'last touched parameter matrix' could simply be a way to (re)define a vstxml file on-the-fly.
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