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Originally Posted by philait View Post
Possible FR (I'm new maybe you can already do this...)

Array of Touched FX parameters?
Example I open the GUI for SynthSquad Cypher and want to program up a new sound.
I have a Page with 10 elements in an OSClayout /FXtouched/1 through to 10
Click, Click, Click on the Parameters important to what I want edit for this sound.
Edit my Sound, save preset.
When Finished Click Clear array ready for the next time.

The Reason behind this is some Synths have a LOT or Parameters and if you only want to access a subset in an easy way for sound/design tweaking it would be very useful to be able to do this.
I don't see how the chosen subset of parameters can persist for next time around, but I like where this is going, as I have been struggling with the same problem and suggested a few approaches, such as parameter remapping, and implementing feedback for Track FX + increasing their number). How about an action to copy/add such an array of touched parameters to the Track FX?
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